4 Interior Plants That Don’t Make A Mess

There are many plants that grow well indoors as long as you provide them with a sunny spot and plenty of water. However, some of the more common indoor plants make messes; their flowers tumble to the floor, or their leaves are always withering and falling. If you don't enjoy sweeping up after your plants every day, then look into these four interior plants that do not make a mess.

Spider Plants

These plants are named for their long, tendril-like leaves, all of which emerge from one short stem. The centers of the long leaves are a paler green than the edges. Spider plants make no mess at all, and they thrive even without much care. You only need to water them a few times per week, and they don't need direct sun. In fact, they seem to do best in partial sunlight. Spider plants do not flower, but the interesting variation in color on their leaves makes them beautiful, nonetheless.

Peace Lilies

If you do want a plant that flowers, but not one that leaves withered flowers all over the ground, then look into peace lilies. The plants themselves have wavy, dark green leaves, and the flowers are large and white. The plant only gets one or two large flowers, so when they die, you can easily remember to clip them off before they fall to the floor. Peace lilies love indirect light, and they only need light watering, thanks to their waxy leaves that prevent transpiration.

Boston Ferns

Although many types of ferns make good house plants, Boston ferns are one of the top options you should consider. Their fronts are very long-lived, and they stay more contained in a pot than other fern varieties. They'll grow to fill whatever pot you choose, and then that's it. Boston ferns like moist soil, but they require very little sunshine. They are also really food at filtering toxins from the air.

Snake Plants

With their tall, towering stems, snake plants are a variegated light and dark green color. They stand very upright in the pot, almost like a small tree, so they are often kept on the floor. However, since they only have a couple of huge leaves and they do not flower, they make very little mess. Snake plants like light sunshine, and they don't require much water, either.

With the plants above, you can enjoy some greenery indoors without all the mess. Contact a company that offers interior plant services if you are in need of assistance in your home.