Dine In: How To Create A Dining Room That Will Bring Back The Family Dinner Hour

If you can't remember the last time you used your dining room, or if your dining room table has become nothing more than a catchall for everyone's belongings, it may be time to give your dining room an upgrade. A dining room makeover is the perfect weekend project, and you can get the whole family involved. Your lovely new dining room may encourage you to bring back the family dinner hour and strive to eat more meals together at home.

Brainstorm ideas

Deciding on your theme and colors is the first step. Once you know your theme and color choice, you can search online for dining rooms in your color and style, or you may wish to visit the library and look through home decorating books for ideas. Select several examples of rooms you like and choose elements from each one that stands out.

Make it food friendly

If you plan to use carpet or a large accent rug under the table, consider choosing a dark color to make spills and stains less noticeable. Dark shades of brown and navy blue are good choices.  Don't worry about the floor making the room too dark. Choosing light-colored walls, furniture, and accent pieces will balance out the darkness and provide plenty of light.

Furnish it for comfort

Did you ever go to a nice restaurant and not enjoy the meal because the chair was so uncomfortable? You don't want to re-create that experience in your home dining room. When you visit your local furniture store, test several chairs and purchase the most comfortable chairs you can afford.

Families often shy away from upholstered dining room chairs because they worry about the chairs getting stained, especially when used by small children. However, good-quality dining room chairs are typically treated to resist spills and are made for easy cleaning. Many furniture stores also offer warranties that cover spills and stains.

A round dining room table makes it easier to have face-to-face conversations during mealtime and typically can accommodate up to six people. Oblong or rectangle tables often come with a mix of chairs and a bench and work well for larger families.

Don't underestimate the power of accessories

Accessories can change the look of an entire room. A dining table centerpiece is a must. Whether you choose a vase with a single flower stem or a large ceramic fruit bowl, a table centerpiece is often the focal point of the room. Keep clutter to a minimum by selecting only a few eye-catching decorative pieces to make a dramatic decorating statement.

If you long to spend more time with your family around the dinner table, giving your dining room a makeover is a step in the right direction. You will be making memories to last a lifetime, and you may even save money in the long run by eating more meals together at home.

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