How To Fill In Your Patchy Lawn

It's so nice to walk through your grass barefoot and feel the plushness beneath your feet. If your grass is full of weeds or is just dirt that isn't going to feel so great - it probably doesn't look too great either. Fill in those patchy areas and have a beautiful, lush lawn all season long. See below for instructions and tips on how to fill in your lawn. 

Apply A Herbicide

First, apply a weed killer to your entire lawn to get rid of the weeds. Weeds can take over your lawn in no time, and you don't want them taking over your new grass growth. Apply a weed killer according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can use a liquid herbicide or a granular one. Be sure when applying a herbicide to keep pets and small children out of the grass until it is dry or until the dust settles.

Prep Your Lawn

Prepare your lawn for seed. To do this, you need to rake through your yard to dethatch your grass. Mow your grass and bag the clippings if you can, or mulch the clippings. Don't clip your lawn too short, but don't keep it long either. Also be sure to aerate your lawn. Aerating allows for grass seed to get into the lawn, as well as water and air to get to the roots of the existing lawn.

Add Grass Seed

After your grass is free of weeds, you can apply grass seed. Apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions, and use a seed spreader walking in straight lines to ensure even spreading of the seed. In areas that are bare, apply double the amount of seed. Once you have the seed down on your lawn, you need to keep it watered. Over-watering can cause the seed to float away, but under-watering will not allow you any growth at all - the soil should be kept moist. 

Keep The Lawn Mowed

Once your lawn is growing in you should keep your lawn mowed. Don't mow it too low or you'll begin to notice weeds growing in again. Keeping it slightly higher helps to block out weeds. Continue to bag your grass or mulching it. Also be sure to trim the edges where weeds are likely to grow. 

Add Fertilizer

Add fertilizer to your turf to make it hardy and to keep it encourage growth. Read the manufacturer's instructions for the fertilizer. Using too much fertilizer can harm your grass, so be sure only to use what is needed, and water it after it is applied.

A patchy lawn doesn't look so great; fill in the patches with grass seed and keep up with the mowing and trim work to encourage growth. Pull weeds that may pop up when you can.