Backyard Devices That You Can Add To Your Patio Awning

If you enjoy sitting on your back patio but you're not a fan of being in the direct sun, a patio awning can be the answer. Your local residential awning supplier can sell you an awning that perfectly covers the patio and matches the look of the exterior of your home, as well as install it for you without a fuss. If you opt for a fixed awning, rather than a retractable one, it can be enjoyable to add some backyard devices to the awning to make it fit in even more with the yard. Here are some suggestions as to how you can proceed.


The solid brackets that hold the awning to your house can support plenty of weight, which means that affixing one end of a clothesline to the bracket and the other to your fence or even a sturdy tree can be a good idea. This setup will allow you to step out onto your backyard patio and hang wet laundry on the line without having to go out into the sun, which may not be pleasant during the hottest days of the summer. For a small yard, you might even be able to run a short clothesline from one of the awning's brackets to the other.

Bird Feeder

If the idea of sitting out on your patio under the awning and watching some wildlife appeals to you, a bird feeder hanging from the outer edge of the awning can be a simple addition. Just be sure that the bird feeder is small enough that it won't be heavy when it's full of seeds. For example, a light hummingbird feeder can often be the right choice. With this item hanging off the awning, you'll be able to sit in the shade and watch the birds feed just a few feet away from you.


The light affixed to the side of your house might be practical, but it's also likely very bright and thus may not do much for the ambiance of the space. If you plan to enjoy the patio at night, hang some lights off the underside of the awning. Small, white lights on a string, for example, can cast enough light down to the patio so that you and the people you're hanging out with can see each other with ease, but not be so bright that they create a significant glare that makes your eyes sore.