Make Your Own Picture Frame Collage

If you are looking for a great way to display a lot of your pictures in a creative manner that doesn't take up a lot of room then you can make your own picture frame collage. This way, you can display photos in the way you want and know that you put the entire piece together on your own. Here are a couple of different ways to make your own picture frame collage:

Make a picture frame collage out of an old window frame and window

If you have an old window frame and window then you can create a picture frame collage by flipping the frame and window upside down and laying out your pictures where you want them to go, making sure they are facing the right way. Then, cut a piece of clear plastic to fit inside of the frame. Tape each picture to the sheet of plastic and attach it to the frame. You can paint the back side of the clear sheet of plastic any color you want so all of the pictures have a colored background. If you want, you can even paint the back of the plastic different colors to give the frame collage a unique design.

Make a picture frame collage with words

You can take one large picture frame and remove the backing, so only the glass remains in place. Take a piece of thin cardboard and write out the word of your choosing using a pencil. Take a box cutter and carefully cut out the centers of those words. Lay the cardboard down on the glass and make sure you have put it so you can read the word when the frame is in position. Attach the cardboard securely to the frame. Once it is in place, you can put pictures where the parts you want to show can be seen through the spaces you cut out in the box letters. Tape each picture in place so they don't move. Once you have nothing but pictures showing through the word, you can put a solid piece of cardboard in place to protect the backs of the pictures and proudly display your word frame. A couple examples of good words to use for this purpose would be "Family" or Love".

There are many other ways you can make your own custom picture frame collages if you use your imagination. Most of them can be made with things you have laying around your house already. To learn more about custom picture frame collages, contact a company like Zim Woodworking.