How To Create An Exceptionally Beautiful Back Yard

Do you love to garden? Perhaps you enjoy entertaining guests in your back yard. If you have been thinking of doing some extra landscaping, here are some ideas on how to create an exceptionally beautiful back yard.

Start With A Plan - You'll need a piece of poster board and some colored construction paper.

  • Before you put your plan on paper, think about going through home and garden magazines to get ideas. When you find something you like, clip it and put it in a folder so you can try to duplicate what you have admired.
  • As you put your design on paper, cut out pieces of colored construction paper that will represent different things. For example, pink circles could represent the roses you want to plant in a special part of your yard. 
  • As you put the colored pieces on your poster board, write in tiny letters what they represent so you will remember them later. For instance, if you have designated a white rectangle for a bench swing, write that down.
  • Leave your prepared poster board out for a few days to see if it needs to be tweaked. For example, you might find that you need more bushes on one side of the yard to give it a more balanced appearance.

Plan For Extras - Think of decorative pieces that can enhance the beauty of your back yard, like statue water fountains for sale.

  • If you have large shade trees, draw attention to them by placing decorative bird houses on their branches.
  • Think of using a large statue water fountain as the focal part of your back yard. Select a statue that goes with the things you love. For example, if your family loves dogs, choose a statue water fountain of puppies trying to drink from a bucket. If you love children, select a statue water fountain of a child. If you are religious, buy an angel statue water fountain.
  • Think of selecting smaller statue water fountains to put in strategic places of your back yard. For example, buy one of a little child to put in your rose garden. Or select a puppy water fountain to place at the edge of your grass, as though the puppy is about to scamper across your lawn.
  • If you do buy statue water fountains, select ones that include an LED light kit so that your yard looks great at night. The fountains will come with an indoor-outdoor water pump that is easy to use.