How To Plan Your Lakeside Cottage

Are you building a cottage by the lake as your second home or as your permanent home? Either way, you are one lucky duck! Besides getting to be by the water, you'll be able to create your own style as you plan your house. Here are some ideas that might help you with small cottage designs.

Establish The Mood - Think of words like elegant, cozy, eclectic, modern, old-fashioned and traditional. Which ones speak to you the loudest? 

  • Remember that you can mix moods. For example, you can create an elegant look with traditional furniture.
  • A cozy feeling can be established with old-fashioned decorating in mind.
  • A modern feeling can be very effectively combined with eclectic objects.

Plan The Facade - Are you wanting a one-story or a two-story home? Either way, planning the front of your cottage is a good start.

  • Choose the exterior treatment. For a cottage, there are a lot of choices. Wood, brick or stone would all be great.
  • No matter which material you select, consider adding shutters of a contrasting color to the design.
  • Pay attention to detail. Brass or pewter door knobs and light fixtures are all great for any type of materials you select.

Design The Inside - Visualize the feeling you want to establish and choose accordingly.

  • Start with the floors. Wooden floors would be a very good choice. Not only are they affordable, but they are durable. They're super easy to care for, too.
  • If you do select wood for your flooring, look at floor plans that will help you to make your choice. Do you want dark wood or light wood, for instance?
  • When you select your furniture, think about the wear and tear it will receive. Will there be only adults? Do you have children or grandchildren in your cottage?

Be Organized -When you are decorating both the inside and the outside of your lakeside cottage, keep a stack of large envelopes handy.

  • Mark them with words like window treatment, fixtures, pictures, fabrics and so on.
  • As you comb through decorating magazines or as you browse through stores, make notes or cut out pictures that will go in those envelopes.
  • When you are ready to get down to actual shopping you'll have a great reference of your very own making. 

Don't forget to purchase a guest book for your new lakeside cottage. It will be fun to have a kind of history of those who visit your home.