Using Clavos To Decorate Your Fence

Clavos is the Spanish word for "nails." They are basically rustic, old-fashioned nails. While they are not commonly used in modern construction, they are still loved as decorative elements. Very few craftsman or woodworkers are still making wooden items with clavos, but you can find many decorative products that look authentic and vintage. This article explains clavos and how they can be used to decorate just about any type of wooden feature on the inside or outside of your house.

How Decorative Clavos Work

Decorative clavos are kind of funny looking. They have a huge head, that looks old and rustic, but the actual nail is small and sharp. This is not what a traditional clavos would have looked like. A traditional clavos would have a proportionally long nail, so it could actually be used to bind separate pieces of wood. Decorative clavos should not be used to actually bind wood. The nail is intentionally small, so they can be driven into just about any wood.

You can use any hammer to drive a clavos into your wood. Most already have an antique finish that makes them look like that they have already been hit many times with a hammer. With certain products, you actually need to be wary of knocking this finish off of the nail head. For instance, an oiled brass clavos should not be struck with a textured hammer head because it might chip the oil finish. This will lead to quicker rusting of the brass. Some clavos are made out of zinc alloy or stainless steel, so they are much stronger. It is still a good idea to use a hammer head without a texture when attaching any type of clavos. It sounds ironic, but you don't want to use a hammer that will ruin the nail head, even though the prefabricated look is that of a head that has been struck many times with a hammer.

Where to Put Clavos

Clavos look great on all types of wood construction. For instance, a row of clavos on the your fence rails can add some Spanish flare to an otherwise ordinary fence. Clavos are used by furniture makers to add some unique features to decorative molding. You will often see large clavos on hardwood garage doors, entry doors, and fence gates.

Clavos, when properly applied, can add a unique Spanish style to any piece of wood. Use them wisely to make your pieces look a little more unique. For more information about clavos, visit a business such as The Rustic Express.