Moving Into An Unkempt House With An Overgrown Yard? Interior And Exterior Pest Problems To Consider

If you are moving into a property that hasn't been lived in and the lawn hasn't been taken care of for some time, there are some tasks you want a pest control company to perform before you become a resident. The property could have a variety of pest problems since the house was uninhabited. Here are a few of the services that you want to look into and schedule before you start moving all of your belongings inside the home.

Mosquito Treatments

Have the overgrown lawn cut down and then have the property sprayed for mosquitos. Mosquitos can bring a variety of health risks to your family, and you want to minimize your exposure as much as possible. You may need to do a few treatments throughout the spring and summer to keep these dangerous insects away from the yard and the home. These insects will be worse in years with a lot of rain and humidity.

Interior Insect Treatment

Are you worried that there could be bed bugs, roaches, or other insects lingering around the home after the old owners moved out? Have the inside of the house, including the interior walls and the ventilation system, treated for insects. This prevents you from having to worry about the chemical treatment being needed after you move in. Clean all the surfaces after the experts leave to remove all residue and insect remains that could be left behind.

Outdoor Rodent and Insect Treatment

Are there signs of rodents and other insects living outside the home? Are you worried that you're going to have a problem with spiders because there are webs all around the exterior? Have the exterior of the house treated for bees, wasps, spiders, mice and more, before these exterior problems become interior problems. If the pest control experts find signs of larger rodents, you may need more aggressive outdoor treatments.

If you can tell that the house you are ready to buy and move into hasn't been cleaned in years, and that the yard wasn't taken care of properly, there could be several different pest problems from the inside out. You don't want to deal with these pest problems after you're already living inside the home, and after you've got the place full with your furniture. Instead, hire the pest experts to treat your issues in advance so you have peace of mind on moving day. Visit websites like for more information.